What’s Happening at CADR

At CADR, we are constantly pitching innovative ways to add constructive literature to the academia and the profession. To that extent, we organize multiple events – academic and extracurricular. From lectures, seminars and workshops by eminent, young professionals and academicians, to Competitions of a wide array – Essays, Moots, Mediation and Negotiation Competitions, Publications et. al., CADR strives to contribute to ADR through them all.

In consonance with the founding principle of CADR, we are also involved in organising multiple internal capacity building initiative for our members and students.

This page delineates some of the many initiatives organised by CADR.

  • CADR-Triumvir Credit Course on Investment Arbitration– 27th September, 2019 to 29th September, 2019 : Credit Course organised by CADR along with Triumvir Law Firm (Bengaluru-Mumbai), had Mr. Anubhab Sarkar (Partner-Bengaluru) and Mr. Aakash Parihar (Partner-Bengaluru) on the foundations of Investment Arbitration. The Course also dealt with practical aspects in the profession and enhancing soft skills. The course got a highly positive feedback from the students. 
  • SAM-PACT Workshop on Arbitration– 19th October, 2019- 20th October, 2019: Organised in collaboration with SAM PACT and Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, the Arbitration Bootcamp was a great success. The renowned resource persons, Mr. Mayank Sapra and Mr. Gauhar Mirza, were undefinably good in their field. It witnessed a good amount of participation and great feedback from the students.
  • Surana & Surana- RGNUL International Arbitral Award Writing Competition– 15th November, 2019 : The competition that enhances the art of writing an arbitral award gave the participants confidence and a chance to understand the concept of arbitration and arbitral award. 
  • Ratan K. Singh Essay Writing Competition: Jointly organised by RGNUL, Punjab, Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University (USA), on the theme “Challenges Facing International Arbitration and their Possible Solutions”. Bhavik Shukla with his essay, titled “Blockchain-Based Arbitration: Old Disputes, New Solutions”, won the first prize.

Internal Capacity Building Events

  • Orientation– 20th August, 2019: The students from RGNUL, Punjab were oriented on Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, Arbitration. It helped the students explore their interests in ADR and gave CADR a chance to interact with the students on length about its aims, objectives and perspectives. 
  • Mock Mediation Workshop– 3rd October, 2019 : Giving a first-hand experience to the students regarding mediation was a great event of success. With the rising trends of mediation, workshop gave a practical outlook to the students about both the actual mediation and relevant mediation competitions. 

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